Re-thinking content for engaging audiences in a connected world

CEO Gerrit Klein stellte auf dem 10. Digital Innovators' Summit am 21.03.2017 in Berlin neu durchdachte Content Workflows vor. Sein Thema lautete: "Audience Engagement - Re-thinking content workflows for engaging audiences in a connected world"

FIPP gibt im Artikel Einblicke in den "fascinating talk" von CEO Gerrit Klein:

There was a time when journalists created copy, filed it and then forgot about it moving swiftly on to their next story. However the advent of the internet, and especially the rise of social media, has meant that publishers have had to look again at the workflow of their whole content team.

How this works out in practice was the topic of a fascinating talk given on day two of DIS 2017 by Gerrit Klein, CEO, Ebner Media.

Gerrit began his presentation by offering information about his company explaining that they are in B2B media and have a portfolio that includes, directories, events, content marketing and ecommerce shops. The company is active in as many as 11 different markets. Gerrit describes Ebner as a niche publisher with highly focused and specialist titles. This includes a watch magazine in his company’s portfolio (WatchTime) that has a target audience of collectors and aficionados. 

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